+:::+Natural+:::+2nd Anniversary HUNT。

+:::+Natural+:::+2nd Anniversary HUNT


+:::+Natural+:::+2nd Anniversary HUNT

The hunt item is a black envelope
There are 7 envelopes to hunt for but there are also empty ones
Due to people coming and going within the store, the wind moves the envelope to different places so the locations of the envelopes will not be the same everyday
+:::+Natural+:::+2nd Anniversary HUNT

DRESS: +:::+Natural+:::+2ND/ANNIVERSARY_>1 N
             +:::+Natural+:::+2ND/ANNIVERSARY_>2 A
             +:::+Natural+:::+2ND/ANNIVERSARY_>3 T
             +:::+Natural+:::+2ND/ANNIVERSARY_>4 U
             +:::+Natural+:::+2ND/ANNIVERSARY_>5 R
             +:::+Natural+:::+2ND/ANNIVERSARY_>6 A
ZUKIN:    +:::+Natural+:::+2ND/ANNIVERSARY_>7 L
NECKLACE: *GJK* KIng heart necklace(brandywine)box (LB)
BEAR: [[RH]] Bear Choco (Box) (LB)

+:::+Natural+:::+2nd Anniversary HUNT

[Group Member Gift Hunt]
-There will be a group join fee of 50L over the course of the hunt
-The hunt item is a strawberry
-There are 2 strawberries hidden

DRESS: +:::+Natural+:::+2ND/ANNIVERSARY-----Secret>GroupGift_+(Wear)
HEADDRESS: +:::+Natural+:::+2ND/ANNIVERSARY-----Secret>GroupGift_:::(Wear)

+:::+Natural+:::+2nd Anniversary HUNT


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